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It was all yellow

iris_imageThe yellow flag iris is a vigorous marginal plant for garden ponds, stream banks and bog gardens. It is best planted in a basket to restrict it's growth and evasion. Iris pseudacorus can be a useful plant for emergent damselflies and dragonflies and is host to the bright blue flea beetle, Aphthona nonstriat and may also attract bees. In the wild it is the food plant for several uncommon moths.

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The way of the dragon

dragonfly_image This stunning photograph taken by Nick Spencer of Anax imperator, an Emporer dragonfly laying it's eggs was taken in a garden pond in one of Grassroots projects.

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Garden design for garden landscaping

Many of Grassroots Landcapes' commissions are completed in the absence of detailed design plans or architects' drawings. However, designing a garden entails solving various problems with the existing plot before landscaping. For instance, what size and shape to make the patio, where to position a path or water feature and which plants would be most suitable. This process alone does not provide for the spirit of a garden and really good garden design adds this secret ingredient to create a style that is in keeping with both the house and the homeowner's requirements. When professional garden designers and architects are required, Grassroots Landscapes can put you in touch with one of their garden design contractors to discuss your requirements.

Phased design process

Most garden designers and architects will operate a phased design process probably involving:
• Introductory client meeting, initial brief and planning
• Completed garden plans
• Landscaping and construction
• Planting and where required, maintenance

Phase One

The first step in having your garden designed is an introductory meeting, to give a clear direction for your new garden and ready for detailed plans to be implemented.

Phase Two

The overall shape of your new garden will now have been agreed and the plans or drawings will be submitted to the landscaping and construction team.

Phase Three

Grassroots Landscapes will work closely with the clent to ensure the construction adheres to the design brief and plans.

Phase Four

Once the the landscaping and construction is complete, planting can begin and then you are ready to enjoy your new garden!

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